SuperOffice provides knowledge sharing and a clear overview

The water treatment company, Guldager has used SuperOffice since 2005 to keep staff up to date on the company’s sales activities. The company, which employs approx. 60 people in Denmark, uses SuperOffice as an indispensable tool in its sales and marketing.

“We love SuperOffice. It’s a great CRM system that is easy to work with. We couldn’t do without it. It provides us with a really good overview of our customer activities and sales trends at any given time. SuperOffice has become an integrated part of the day-to-day work of our sales force and service centre,” says Marketing Manager Pernille Møller from Guldager.

The company mainly uses SuperOffice for sales-related activities. These include anything from recording customer telephone calls to following up on quotes.

Management Tool
The sales force record all contact and discussions with customers in the system and are able to follow sales developments and monitor the specific cases in which they are involved. SuperOffice also allows management to extract data to ensure continuous monitoring of all aspects of company sales. Records, such as a customer’s water treatment system, can be set up in the system. Information about a service contract or open support jobs is then always retrievable. It is always possible to retrieve the history of any Guldager project.

A particularly effective feature which saves time is an integrated scanning solution that ensures that all documents not arriving in electronic format can be scanned directly into SuperOffice – under the projects or customers to which they belong.

Overview of Sales Abroad
Guldager has just introduced SuperOffice in its Belgian subsidiary and is currently considering whether to do the same in its Swiss offices. This would achieve a uniform overview of company-wide sales.

“We’re in the process of implementing an e-marketing module which will give us even more information about our customers and also provide us with an enhanced picture of what we really get out of our marketing campaigns,” says Pernille Møller.

She points out that Guldager is continuously developing SuperOffice. Guldager is also working on implementing a module to ensure better and more professional generation of quotes as well as to introduce an online dashboard in the solution. This will give the management and the sales force faster access to a summary of both realised and expected sales.

Reliable partner
“Concare IT is a great partner. They know our business well, and they know SuperOffice and our systems. That is why they are so good at taking care of us. When we contact Concare IT, they’re quick to respond. We really value that – just as we value the fact that they’re friendly and reliable people,” says Pernille Møller.

Guldager about the cooperation with Concare IT:

  • Overview of customer-related activities
  • Easy access to contracts and documents
  • Easy monitoring of customer records


Guldager in Denmark, Allerød is a family-owned company specialising in various types of water treatment.

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