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Sparring, solution and delivery – every time

The cooperation with Concare IT was initiated in 2013 when the then media house Syddanske Medier wanted to introduce a CRM system that could provide a general view of customers and customer relations. The choice fell on SuperOffice which was considered the simplest and most manageable system to work with.

“We have had a very constructive collaboration with Concare IT throughout all the mergers. This is due, not least, to the fact that we have collaborated with the same team every time. We have become so close with the consultants of Concare IT that at present we feel they are our external colleagues.”

Business-minded consultants who speak the company’s language

The dialogue between Herning Folkeblad Media Company and Concare IT commenced in 2013 when Herning Folkeblad was on the lookout for a replacement for its existing CRM system. Dialogues with Concare IT and useful feedback were vital to their purchasing decision. In 2015, the company rolled out SuperOffice for the almost 40 employees who needed to use the system.

“We had great discussions with the Concare IT consultants about the solution we needed to roll out in our organisation. They were not afraid of challenging us on our requirements – for the benefit of the business”


SuperOffice is the cornerstone of sales management

Rapid growth over a number of years meant an increased demand for more efficient use of CRM. As an added bonus, Amada (formerly Dansk Plade Team) experienced improved competitiveness as integration between business systems grew.

“SuperOffice is the core of our sales management. Everyone has access to all our data and that makes it easier to take over someone else’s customers, for example. The value of the software became very apparent in a major restructuring of our sales areas. And we have become much better at working with pipeline and sales follow-up.”

IT support when you need it

Concare IT has provided Fibox with support for 15 years. When the employees at Fibox in Taastrup have an IT problem, they call Concare IT. They usually ring the Concare IT support centre which ensures that their dedicated consultant quickly finds a solution.

“We are extremely happy with the support we receive from Concare IT. They are always able to help and we have access to first-rate professional support. We are never left to our own devices when we have an IT problem – and that is vital to us.”

Deployment of a new ERP system in just 7 days

Laleli Fashion Group, a manufacturer of womens apparel,  has implemented ERPLY software offered by Concare IT, gaining all features of an ERP systems that are required for traditional and online sales. Additionally the multi / omnichannel ERP system can also be used for e.g. salary calculations,  loyalty programs and e-commerce.

“Concare IT provides helpdesk services for ERPLY system, which is for us a guarantee that the technical support will be quick and effective. After the implementation of ERPLY, the whole product range is under our control and we can modify it at will. We are able to offer both wholesale sale to businesses (B2B) and direct sale to end customers (B2C)”


Overview and a tailored feature

KJV has used SuperOffice CRM seven years. KJVs goal was to get a system giving the consultants and the management an overview, and to get a system that could become the consultants main tool. Additionally Concare IT has developed a special feature, an online dashboard showing their customers how close they are to get their loyalty bonus – a feature increasing the overall sale.

“We do not need a great deal of communication (with Concare IT) on a day-to-day   basis as things are working well. Concare IT staff are service-minded and very knowledgeable about SuperOffice. That was the main reason we chose them to service our system in the first place. If we occasionally have a problem, they are quick to solve it.”

Knowledge sharing and overview with CRM

Guldager has used SuperOffice since 2005 and they are continuously developing their use of the system giving them more and more possibilities. The goal with SuperOffice CRM at Guldager was to give their salespeople one tool for registration and customer management. At the same time the system also provides insights and overview of sales activity for the management.

“Concare IT is a great partner. They know our business well, and they know SuperOffice and our systems. That is why they are so good at taking care of us.”

IT solution and support

In 2009, Pandora Jewellery opened their English Sales division in Newcastle. While builders worked to get the physical setting ready, Concare IT started to build the IT setup with server space, software and PCs.

“The close daily contact (with Concare IT) was amazingly beneficial. It meant that we could take the necessary decisions quickly, adopt and stick to them afterwards.”

Moving the IT infrastructure over a weekend

Ladefoged Law Firm needed to move its headquarters and Concare IT moved everything over a weekend. Concare IT started Friday morning, and when the staff showed up for work Monday morning, everything was ready. The cooperation with Ladefoged Law Firm is based on understanding and SPOC (Single Point of Contact); the help is only a call away. Ladefoged Law Firm also appreciates the monthly reports giving them the opportunity to make comments, if any, before invoicing.

“We have confidence in Concare IT, who are in control of our equipment and our IT systems. They come up with their own suggestions, when we need to replace computers or update programmes. And they do everything for a very reasonable price.”

Knowledge sharing and Benefits of references across nations with CRM

At PROTECT they had identified a need for a new data discipline including the use of references, which is essential to the security business. Concare IT has based the SuperOffice CRM solution on PROTECT’s requirements and on excellent discussions and dialogue.

“After long and thorough preparatory work, SuperOffice was chosen as the new global CRM platform. IT was the only solution that didn’t display our day-to-day work as mathematical formulae. The intuitiveness of the system means that it is easy to work with – even for IT illiterates.”

One platform gathers all customer-related information and rates sales targets

Eva Solo A/S wanted the new CRM SuperOffice to organise all customer-related information and secure an effective knowledge sharing in one place. Concare IT’s custom-made modules made the Eva Solo A/S solution unique.

“Everyone has access to all correspondence between seller/shop and sales management/chain offices, across departments and systems. The overall benefit is that now all valuable information is the property of the company”

Good and proactive cooperation

The overall purpose of IT at HBN-Teknik is to streamline business processes. Concare IT see to the day-to-day operation of HBN-Teknik’s IT system, installing new PCs, back-up, updating firewall, etc.

“Someone recommended Concare IT, and we have never had any reason to regret our choice. We are extremely pleased with the cooperation, and the way it works.”