Get a constant fell on the business critical processes

Companies within the trade and wholesale industries need to have a constant feeling with customers, sales, stock, delivery and other business critical processes.

To enhance that feel, we have delivered several IT services for such companies covering both SuperOffice CRM solutions and IT outsourcing services.

Focus on the Core of the Business

Allowing a company to focus on the core of the business does not involve concerns related to IT. IT is, on the other hand, meant to support what is critical for the business; customers, sales, stock and delivery.

By outsourcing parts of the IT to Concare IT, our customers have gained time to focus on what is crucial for the business.

Our outsourcing services delivered for our customers within trade and wholesale includes:

  • and 2. level Helpdesk support
  • Multi-lingual Helpdesk support
  • Application support
  • Hardware/Software consultancy and procurement
  • Anti-virus protection

Keep a close Contact and Relation to Distributors

For a wholesale distributor to become successful, it is extremely important to keep a close contact and relation to the retail distributors.

We have helped wholesale distributors gain control of their customer relations, sales processes and distribution channels via customised SuperOffice CRM solutions.

There are some clear advantages of a SuperOffice CRM solution delivered by Concare IT:

  • Overview of customer history
  • Direct access to order lists and history
  • Transparent sales processes and activities
  • All employees are updated and informed

A SuperOffice CRM solution for a wholesale distributor typically contains:

  • SuperOffice for Windows and web
  • SuperOffice Customer Service
  • SuperOffice eMarketing
  • SuperOffice Pocket
  • Mail synchronisation between SuperOffice CRM and Outlook
  • SuperOffice-ERP integration
  • Other specialised Concare IT SuperOffice modules for the wholesale industry


Please contact our Senior Key Account Manager, Bo Fischer Schou, mobile phone: 60 12 50 12 or mail:, If you would like to know how to optimize IT processes and improve relationship with clients.