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We ensure support in any aspect of your Cloud and hosting experience. We offer the most suitable technology solutions & support in serving your webpages and moving your business to the Cloud.

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Hosting & Cloud

Concare is a Qualified Multitenant Hoster authorized by Microsoft

The Qualified Multitenant Hoster (QMTH) Program authorizes qualified third-party hosting service providers to host customers’ Windows virtual machines via Microsoft Cloud Agreement subscription or Enterprise Agreement/MPSA on dedicated or multitenant hardware. Click here to learn more about the QMTH Program.

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Cloud Services – for whom and why?

We offer Cloud services to any company that wants to reduce the impact and costs of a local IT infrastructure failure or increase the availability of files or programs. We guarantee a safe transfer of your business data to Cloud services, to which you will have access from anywhere in the world.

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Why Concare Solutions?

We are a cloud services provider with experience, and guarantee 99.9% availability of our services. We also comply with data protection laws and we are subject to annual certification audits (IT-Hosting, ISO 27001). We approach each customer individually, and assure of appropriate support and assistance.

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Web hosting

We provide web hosting services and internet servers for storing web pages, content and databases. We offer web application and webpage development, upgrades, maintenance and support based on technologies:IIS, Apache, lighttpd, nginx, HAProxy, Tomcat and Jboss.. The core benefits are web page and applications security, reliability and flexibility for your staff and clients. Our services include planning and designing the Web hosting architecture, deployment of the platform and components, web hosting management and support.

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Are you ready for cloud migration?

We can help you with cloud migration process by moving data, applications or other business elements from organization's onsite computers to the cloud or moving them from one cloud environment to another. Cloud migration is simply more than business efficiency or a cost-saving activity. It is a critical step towards digital transformation, innovation and opportunity. Some benefits to list are: document control, opportunity to work from any place in the world, enhanced security, increased collaboration, disaster recovery and flexibility.

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Reduce your IT operating costs by minimizing and eliminating downtime. Provide your critical applications and resources faster. Secure your company critical assets enabling business continuity and disaster recovery. Our virtualization service includes: Planning and Designing of the Virtual infrastructure, deployment and installation of virtual desktop and servers based on VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V, migration from one platform to another and from physical to virtual.

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Optimal distribution of applications in the cloud

Cloud computing will improve scaling IT infrastructure when your company is growing. You can use our cloud computing technology in various services such as software development platforms, servers, storage. Our tools ensure your cloud computing-based resources are working optimally and properly interacting with users and other services.

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We can help you build your own private cloud

With private cloud your company will build the infrastructure using own servers. You can build your own private cloud infrastructure with our software and hardware solutions. Combining private cloud infrastructure with public cloud (AZURE) using our Public cloud Management tools will enable your company to obtain Hybrid Cloud benefits.

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Check your system disk space to prevent applications downtime

Secure your cloud applications and hosting using our services to reduce business risk. Your company expansion may be limited by IT system productivity and availability. Check your cloud applications performance with dedicated reports; check your system disk space to prevent applications downtime. Secure your company web pages against brute force attacks, SQL injections, and other hacking methods.

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Co-location services

Use our co-location services for data center facility. The rack, cabinet, cage or room needs space in the facility. Instead of investing in your own data center resources, you can rent space for servers and other computing hardware. Typically, a co-location provides the building, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security while the customer provides servers and storage. The benefits for your company are enormous: disaster recovery, scalability, continuity and application security in terms of data and operations.

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