Boost your infrastructure management

With only best practices, we help you support and operate your hardware and applications to increase your efficiency and performance in managing your infrastructure. We show you how to use the latest technology tools to improve your productivity and build your business.

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Application & Infrastructure Management

Are your apps running slowly?

W know the best practices to deploy application's optimal operation. We can organize IT infrastructure and software to achieve better productivity and lower operation costs in your organization.

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Your company depends on technology for success

A database is an organized collection of data where critical information for your business is stored. Our database management systems enable you to store, modify, and extract information from a database, which reduces risk of data loss, helps manage information and enables your company to be more robust and secured.

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Central part of any organization's strategy

IT Asset Management helps you gather detailed hardware and software inventory information. These data are therefore useful in making purchase decisions and in collecting information about inventory, redistribution, maintenance and utilization. By using Asset Management, your company will gain more detailed asset records, receive reports regarding the licenses and more detailed depreciation calculations which help in cost saving.

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System Center Configuration Manager

We can help your IT administrators in planning and designing, installation and management as well as making reports. Your company gains a central management of all IT infrastructure with such benefits as integrated security compliance, automatic software installation and uncomplicated operating system deployment.

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Spam and virus protection

Anti-virus software helps your company prevent malware by searching, detecting, and removing viruses and other malicious software like worms, trojans, adware, and more. While email is necessary for any corporate operations, it can also expose your company to risks, viruses, spyware and other harmful programs opening an easy access to your business computers. Anti-Spam can help your company by stopping malware and unwanted messages before they can even reach your employees’ inboxes improving personnel productivity.

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Backup management

Our backup systems help protect your critical company's data by copying physical and virtual files or databases to a secondary site. The process of backing up data is necessary to successful disaster recovery (DR) plan helping your company prevent business downtime. Our backup systems governed by predefined security policies guarantee successful data restoration after possible disaster caused by disc corruption, fire or flood.

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Monitoring management

With monitoring systems and computers, your staff can gather important business information from users, applications, network services and infrastructure on a daily basis. Based on these data, you will receive alerts in case of abnormal system status and activities caused by hacker attack or system disruption. Our systems - Nagios and Zabbix - monitor your network infrastructure, hosts, resources, services and send alerts to your personnel. In that way, you are assured of an early problem detection, preventing disaster, improving productivity and performance, reducing downtime and business losses.

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