• I have worked in several positions at Concare IT: as an IT consultant, a trainer, a group leader, and I can say without doubt that it is a place with lots of opportunities and chances for everybody who treats their job as a challenge.

    Bartłomiej Ożóg

    Bartłomiej Ożóg, IT Consultant, Poland

  • I have been working at Concare IT for almost three months in the Microsoft Solutions department. Concare IT gives me a great opportunity to work with an international provider of IT aimed to deliver the best-in-class expertise and services.

    Piotr Hetka

    Piotr Hetka, Solutions Expert for Microsoft Solution, Poland

  • I like the fact that I can continuously improve my language skills when travelling to different Concare IT divisions across countries and because of the multi-lingual environment.

    Jan Komaszyło

    Jan Komaszyło, IT Consultant, Poland

  • Working at Concare IT gives me a lot of satisfaction, because my job gives me the opportunities to address many challenges and tasks, and it requires creativity.

    Monika Bień

    Monika Bień, HR and Payroll Specialist, Poland

  • I work in a multicultural environment with some exciting projects, which I really like!

    Piotr Błażejewicz

    Piotr Błażejewicz, Web Developer, Poland

  • There is a great atmosphere at work, people are enthusiastic and always willing to help

    Zbigniew Chrzanowski

    Zbigniew Chrzanowski, Project Coordinator, Poland

  • Concare offers very good self-development opportunities, especially on the senior or managerial positions. I also like in international environment with ambition and interesting people. And most importantly… the company wide parties and events are mind-blowing!

    Aleksander Ryttel

    Aleksander Ryttel, SuperOffice & Development Manager, Poland

  • Working with Concare IT has given me some fantastic career opportunities and I have some exciting tasks and projects going on that challenges me every day.

    Allan Romerlund

    Allan Romerlund, Project Manager,

  • For me, working for Concare IT means I can go to work with joy and enthusiasm every day because I have the opportunity to develop my potential in doing what I like the most; working with people. The best about working for Concare IT is the possibility to work with different international working environments and HR challenges.

    Joanna Andersen

    Joanna Andersen, HR Manager,

  • Not two days are alike so it is never boring working at Concare IT, I also like the fact that there’s a flat structure, there is not long from idea to decision.

    Martin Thanning

    Martin Thanning, IT Consultant, SuperOffice CRM team

  • Concare IT is an exciting place to work. You constantly get new tasks and challenges and continuously evolve – because two days are never the same!

    Torben Christiansen

    Torben Christiansen, Sales Coordinator, SuperOffice CRM team

  • I really like that at Concare IT, I get the opportunity to be immersed in and continuously improve my daily work with SuperOffice CRM.

    Arnold Szenes

    Arnold Szenes, IT Consultant, SuperOffice

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