Our core competence is customised CRM solutions fully integrated with the customer’s current software. We constantly develop applications and modules to reach for the optimal results, so our customers always can be provided with the best custom-made CRM solutions.

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With our tailored applications and modules we strive to improve the benefits of our customers’ CRM investment by e.g.:

  • Reducing the level of expenses
  • Lowering the administrative time consumption
  • Reducing the number of errors
  • Enhancing the total overview
  • Improving the employee satisfaction
  • Enriching the customer/supplier relationship

Industry Solutions

Throughout the years, we have implemented several unique solutions for customers from a various range of industries. We have worked specifically with these industries; Media, Retail, Transportation & Logistics and Trade & Wholesale.

The solutions have emerged from a close collaboration with our customers and are based on specified needs characterised by the given industry.

Get inspired by our industry solutions

Greater Benefits of CRM

Our industry solutions combine SuperOffice CRM with modules and applications developed in-house. All solutions are tailored to match the needs, processes and procedures that characterise the specific industries.

We always strive to improve the benefits of a customer’s CRM investment and meet unique requirements and needs.

We always want to extend our industry understanding and knowledge. At the moment we are taking an especially keen interest in collaborations with the distributor as well as the automobile industry.

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