Our CRM solutions are based on SuperOffice CRM, which several times has been appointed the most user-friendly platform for Customer Relationship Management.

SuperOffice Sales & Marketing

SuperOffice helps you track all your customer information in one system and supports all business processes within sales activities, marketing and customer service.

With SuperOffice CRM, you get an excellent platform and a flexible tool to keep track of – and develop – prospects, customers and relations. SuperOffice CRM is also ideal for handling e.g. internal resources such as booking of cars and meeting rooms. Likewise, SuperOffice offers great opportunities for maintenance and administration of for instance subscriptions and shops.

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You can have SuperOffice CRM in two ways

  • License (On-premise)
    With a SuperOffice On-premise solution, SuperOffice CRM becomes a part of your own internal IT environment. The solution involves purchase of server- and user licenses, and you will control and maintain SuperOffice on your own servers. Thereby, you provide and manage the necessary hardware and platforms and thereby maintain full control of all systems and data. An On-premise solution is available as both a Windows and / or a web client.
  • CRM Online (Cloud)
    With a SuperOffice CRM Online solution, subscription is purchased per user who then accesses SuperOffice CRM as an online service. The SuperOffice CRM Online solution is operated and maintained by SuperOffice’s own operations center.

Within SuperOffice CRM, we also offer: Customised CRM, Consultancy and Learning:

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CRM in the cloud

With a cloud-based solution, you have easy access to your data without any further installations.

With the award winning SuperOffice CRM Online, your CRM solution does not become easier to implement. All you need is access to the Internet as the solution is offered as a hosted solution, also referred to as “software as a service” (SaaS).

You are offered the highest security level to protect all your data covering physical security, data encryption, user ID and much more.

The standard edition has the basic functions such as control and management of contacts, pipeline, documents, activity management and Office Application Integration. With the professional edition, you can define your own specific information fields, customise reports, sales intelligence and obtain more storage space. We guide you to the optimal choice for your company.

Do you also want an easy-to-implement SuperOffice CRM solution?

SuperOffice Service

SuperOffice Customer Service (CS) streamlines and controls your inbound customer service requests and ongoing support operations.

Regardless of channel, all support requests are registered and converted into a “ticket” with a unique tracking number. Afterwards, all cases are automatically registered in your CRM system and become part of the total history for that customer. CS also allows the customer to login and check up on the status of their own requests.

We use CS ourselves, and we strongly recommend it.

Tailored CS
Similar to SuperOffice Sales & Marketing, CS can be tailored to fit with almost any requirements you may have for a customer service portal. Let us contact you to see how CS can change the way you communicate with your customers.

SuperOffice Marketing Udsendelser

SuperOffice eMarketing will take you to a new level of online marketing.

EMarketing is an integrated module for SuperOffice. You can send customised newsletters and administrate email campaigns and closely follow the receivers’ engagement and activities. Once your database is segmented, the eMarketing module will give you the opportunity to send tailored content based on your customer’s interest profiles.

When sending an email campaign, graphs will show you how many emails were delivered, how many people opened your email, and you will be able to see exactly where they clicked. Your receivers will also be able to change and add interests or subscribe to events.

With eMarketing you can send professional newsletters and emails, and get customer insight, campaign results and use the information in your marketing.

Watch a demo of SuperOffice eMarketing.


Mobility is office on the go. With SuperOffice CRM Pocket you get your CRM database on your mobile device. It has never been easier to update your pipeline, book meetings, read documents and see status of your projects on your mobile device.

The module is available for both SuperOffice CRM Online and SuperOffice Sales & Marketing.

Watch an online demo of SuperOffice CRM Pocket.

Why Choose Concare IT as Your CRM Partner?

Why Choose Concare IT as Your CRM Partner?

We have more than 15 years of experience with CRM. Our knowledge and competencies are based on hands-on experience, consultancy and guidance of our customers as well as constant training and education.

Our core competence is to gather and integrate the customer’s entire business in one tailored CRM solution, always with user-friendliness in top of mind.

Have your CRM solution delivered by the Best CRM Supplier in Denmark!
On the TOP 100 list over the best Danish IT companies in 2015 made by Computerworld, Concare IT has been appointed as the Best CRM Supplier in Denmark!

We believe in a long-term cooperation

We believe that a close long-term cooperation results in the best (CRM) solution for the customer, and we highly value a good dialogue and continuous professional discussion with our customers.

We guide you through the entire process, and together we find the best SuperOffice CRM solution for you and your company.

Concare IT is SuperOffice Platinum Partner and has been appointed SuperOffice Partner of the Year in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. We have the financial strength to ensure delivery and consultancy many years to come.

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